Women's bamboo socks


Available in four beautiful designs, these bamboo socks are a real treat for your feet! 

Stronger, more durable and 40% more moisture absorbent than cotton, Bamboo fabric is also very soft, breathable, hypo allergenic and naturally anti-bacterial, helping your feet stay fresh for longer.

Once you’ve tried these super soft and incredibly comfortable socks, you won’t want to wear any other type of sock.

Shoe size 3-7

Why Bamboo and not cotton? 

- bamboo grows without the need for fertilisers or pesticides. 
- naturally requires less water (a third of the water required to grow cotton)
- bamboo yields are ten times higher per hectare than cotton and the plant rarely needs replanting, sprouting on its own. 
- bamboo yarns require less dye than cotton and keep their colour for longer.